Expect a higher payout at Guru Play

Video Poker is an exciting game which has appealed to many players from around the world. The game is very fun to play, especially when you already know a few things about the game strategy and rules. In fact, it isn't hard to learn the rules of video poker. You just need to become familiar with a few things such as; hand descriptions.

At the start of each round, you will place a bet. In order to perform that action, you will simply inset a coin inside the machine that you have chosen for yourself. The payout for the winning hands will ultimately depend on the number of coins that you play during the game. Although it is more expensive to play the game with more coins, it will increase your chances of a higher payout. Five cards will be dealt by the machine. You will hold some of the randomly drawn cards and discard the others. The machine will then replace those cards that you have chosen to discard. You will get new cards in their place. You will win, if you finish with a good five card poker hand. The payout will be based on the pay table in video poker online.

When you play the video poker game at Guru Play, you will encounter many different promotional deals! For example, the welcome bonus deal is particularly interesting. You can pick up a 150 percent bonus up to 300 pounds! In order to participate in the deals, you will need to open an account with Guru Play.